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A Guide to choosing the perfect wedding ring!

Many of you out there have dreamt of the day you officially “tie the knot” with your partner and look forward to a life full of happiness. For some yet, this is even closer than a dream as they may have already received their engagement ring or being proposed to. Our wedding band guide helps you ensure you are picking the right wedding ring to suit your engagement, lifestyle and taste on that magical day you have always been looking forward to.

Diamond Ring

So now you have been given your perfect engagement ring, it’s time to start thinking about what wedding ring would be best suited to you for your wedding day. There are many important factors when choosing the wedding ring that is right for you, from styles that will compliment your engagement ring, to durability if you are planning on wearing it every day for the next 50 years.

Thinking long term

Thinking long term about your wedding ring is something that can be sensible, sentimental and priceless. Going for the latest fashion sometimes isn’t the best idea as fashions and tastes change over time and after being blessed with these symbolic rings its nice to think you will be wearing the same ring ‘til death do us part’. Although there’s nothing wrong with an upgrade or alteration, it’s something couples choose to do to mark a special anniversary or when budget isn’t so much of an issue after paying out for that big white wedding.

Going through the options

Narrowing down wedding ring options can seem overwhelming with so many styles and factors to take into consideration.  Think about the following questions to help give yourself a better idea of what you want. Remember we are happy to answer any questions or advise you on all your wedding ring needs.

What metal should I pick?

We suggest wearing the same types of metals together to prevent one ring wearing down quicker than the other. So, if you have a platinum engagement ring, go for a platinum wedding ring rather than white gold. The same applies to gold try to wear the same carat golds together, 18ct gold is softer than 9ct or 14ct.

Feel free to read our Blog, “All you need to know about all the different jewellery metals’ for more information here and do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I go for a plain or diamond set wedding ring?

This all depends on the style of your engagement ring and how you want the set to look. If your engagement ring is a classic solitaire, a fine diamond set band can complement it beautifully. If your engagement ring is already full of ‘bling’ a plain wedding band can enhance the stones and style of your engagement ring. But remember it is all personal preference and there’s no harm in trying lots of different styles to be sure you are making the right decision.

Do I need a shaped band?

If you have a uniquely shaped engagement ring that doesn’t sit right with a traditional band there are many options. Lots of wedding rings are shaped to accommodate a perfect fit. Some with a slight curve or V shape. You can also buy a traditional wedding band, and have it altered to fit your engagement ring. Buying a thicker band and having a goldsmith alter the band so your ring interlocks perfectly is a great option.

Do we get matching wedding bands?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question! Some couples want matching wedding bands, some couples don’t. Don’t worry if you like platinum and your partner likes yellow gold. There’s no set rule! Marriage is all about compromise so why not blend the two metals together with a bi colour wedding band or be totally different and pick different styles all together. The important thing is you are both happy with your choice of wedding ring.

Choosing the right wedding bands for your lifestyle

There are lots of factors to take into consideration when looking at the practicality of your wedding ring. Are you planning on wearing your it every day? Most people do so if you have a hands-on job a plain solid band maybe better than a stone set ring as a band with stones set in it can pose the problem of stones become loose and falling out through wear and tear. Dirt can also get trapped under the carving of the stones which will make the stones look dull. If you have a less physical job stone set wedding bands are more appropriate and with a little TLC can stay looking their best. Also take into consideration what activities you like doing, for example if you play a lot of contact sports a stone set band may not be for you.

Which wedding band profile is right for you?

There are quite a few wedding band profiles available on the market today, from a traditional D shaped band to a more contemporary looking flat court band. It is an important factor to determine the look you are trying to achieve as well as the comfort you desire.

For gents a popular choice is a comfort fit band that is curved on the inside as well as the outside of the ring, making it feel a lot more comfortable to wear. A lot of gents don’t tend to wear much jewellery so a light weight or medium weight ring may suffice. For the ladies we suggest the same profile as your engagement ring because it will match your engagement ring well and feel more comfortable.

Which band width is suitable for you?

Wedding bands come in all different widths and depths. The depth will determine the weight of the ring and the width will determine the overall look of the ring. Gents tend to go for a wider band that covers more of the finger and the thicker the depth the more lasting the ring will be. Ladies quite often go for a finer band as they will be wearing two to 3 rings on their wedding finger (because there’s always room for the eternity ring to follow!). Don’t be shy in trying different band widths an mm or 2 can make your wedding and engagement ring look completely different together.


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